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Himal Farm - A Traditional Italian Dairy in Nepal
(Last modified: 10 February 2024)
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About us
The Italian twist
Since 2009 Himal Farm, a family-run Cheese Factory founded by Mrs. Shila Dhakal with the technical support of her husband, Sandro Serafini, is carrying on its activity in Khumaltar (Lalitpur, Nepal).
The great passion in our work, melted with the strong affection for the rustic origins and the desire to spread out the simplicity of the Italian flavours, are the landmarks of Himal Farm.
Mozzarella spinning
Scamorza cheese
The idea, to continues to maintain older recipes whilst creating new and interesting cheese varieties that follow the artisan art of dairy production, maturation and ripening.

The quality
, as standard, as a synonym for reliability, a factor that reassures and justifies the choice from our loyal customers to buy our products.
Our philosophy, it is not important how much is produced, but how it is produced, placing the utmost care and dedication to the quality rather then the quantity.

A true artisan production, which tells the daily love that we devote to creating high quality cheeses, rich in flavor and genuine goodness, our signature style.